Things To Do: Presentations and Talks

I’m thinking of things to do right now (I know, this is my first “real” blog post in a long time), and it boils down to these things, actually slideshows:

  1. Slicing + Optimizing images using Adobe Fireworks
  2. Applied MVC Patterns
  3. The Semantic Web Document (aka “How to apply semantics to your HTML”)
  4. Event-driven Programming Using jQuery

There’s more, but I think this will be the few topics that are useful for the moment. I’m preparing the presentations for the upcoming PWDO <form> function() and .class conference series. I’ll be publishing the presentations under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. The whole concept of my series is to build the talks from beginner up to the more advanced levels. If you have any suggestions for talks, please do drop me a line.


~ by ojtibi on November 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Things To Do: Presentations and Talks”

  1. nice! I hope I will have time to attend all of your presentations.

  2. These sound awesome.

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